Indicators on lingerie You Should Know

also, CABLE CUFF, PLASTICUFF, ZIP TIE: A variety of cuff consisting of a thin plastic strip which has a row of teeth in its surface, and a little ratchet on a person end.

CORSET: An article of garments, often fabricated from leather-based, PVC, or vinyl and occasionally such as strips of rigid "boning," that's tightly laced and made to slim the midsection and elevate the breasts, producing an "hourglass" determine. See linked corsetry.

The definitions specified here reflect the use I'm most familiar with. Some conditions comprise commentary; something subsequent the term Commentary indicates my very own views on a particular subject, and should not be assumed for being Section of the official definition.

SCARIFICATION: A form of physique modification involving reducing the pores and skin, frequently in intricate or elaborate styles, in this kind of way which the healing procedure leaves driving a long-lasting scar.

Physique HARNESS: A harness consisting of the series of straps designed to be worn across the torso, which can optionally contain a mechanism for locking the harness into put and may additionally contain rings or other attachments for ropes, cuffs, or chastity belts.

HOBBLE Inventory: Any device meant to restrain somebody with the genitals, such as a set bar or blank using an connected cuff intended to be locked across the penis and testicles, or a set rod ending in a dildo to which a lady's legs could possibly be certain so that she is penetrated with the dilldo and might not go. see this here See associated

Frequently Utilized in BDSM to remove someone from restricted bondage or mummification in a short time from the occasion of an crisis. A sturdy pair of bandage scissors is likely to make rapid perform of even thick rope; somebody thoroughly wrapped in rope might be freed within just seconds with bandage scissors without harm.

Agreement: A mutually negotiated, created agreement among a dominant along with a submissive, outlining the submissive's limitations, the functions the participants prefer to check out, plus the like. Commentary:

This forces the wearer to help keep his legs folded ahead, as any attempt to straighten the legs even a bit pulls hard over the scrotum, triggering considerable soreness. Testicle cuffs[edit]

ELECTRICAL PLAY: Any of a spread of different practices involving the use of electrical recent or energy to encourage someone.

MANACLES: Any steel cuffs by using a size of chain hooked up, which either connects the cuffs collectively (as inside of a pair of handcuffs) or which may be utilized to affix the cuffs to your wall or other restraint level.

One particular-COLUMN TIE: In bondage, any form of tie which binds among the list of system to another thing; as, such as, any tie which binds a wrist to a fixed object like a headboard. See associated

To place a collar on, often as A part of a ceremony indicating a committed partnership among a dominant as well as a submissive. See also corset collar, fall collar, posture collar, schooling collar, wolf collar; see similar collaring ceremony. Commentary:

PUSSY PUMP: A device employed to apply suction into the labia or clitoris, engorging the realm with blood to boost sensitivity.

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